Dads Review Kids Shows

These dads won't take Caillou lying down. Join them as they courageously pass judgment on the world of children's entertainment.

Ep. 4. Wait, where are all the Na’vi?

A GIRL (!!!) sneaks into the clubhouse this week, and it’s a good thing, too, because she joins the other dads in convincing Ben that he’s been doing Avatar: The Last Airbender a gross disservice by thinking of it as not much more than The American Idiot’s Guide to Hindu Spirituality. They pretty much win him over, thanks to some sweet, sweet trash-talking of M. Night Shyamalan. Come for the discussion of Airbender‘s post-colonial subtext and the trashing of ; stay for the special recurring cameo by Ben’s annoying beagles!

Ep. 3: School Bus of Doom!

Seatbelts, everyone! On this “back to school” episode, Ben, Matt, Cory, and Luke revisit vintage PBS educational programming and talk about all the neat things it teaches, like body horror for kids and the scandal of runaway field trip budgets.

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Ep. 2 Like Seinfeld, but with anvils.


Ben, Matt, and Luke have boloney in their slacks this week, as the dads take a deep dive into Animaniacs. Matt gets distracted by Bugs Bunny being racist, Luke ponders the sexual politics of “Hello Nurse,” and Ben won’t shut up about old Hollywood. Naturally, there are dueling Pinky & the Brain impressions.

Ep 1. Battle of the Hoods

In their inaugural episode, Ben, Matt, and Cory put on their cardigans and boxing gloves, pitting Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood against its scion, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. (Spoiler: one neighbor gets canonized; another gets compared to Jonathan Taylor Thomas singing a Lipitor ad jingle.)

This episode contains explicit language. But just a little.

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